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I use this site to publicize my two books: The Compleat Psychic (originally published 2014) and A Spiritual Guide to Planetary Transformation (2018). I am currently revising The Compleat Psychic and hope to upload it along with the Spiritual Guide in September, 2018.

The Compleat Psychic is a a training manual in practical psychic techniques. Have you ever wished you could pick up on what are usually non-perceptible energies? Or find a way to tell if someone is lying to you? Or stop using guesswork when you make decisions about raising children, running a business, preserving your equity, or maintaining a successful relationship? This book will help you do all this and more. There is a free and universal cure-all called Divine energy which anyone can utilize, and when you start working with it, I guarantee it will transform your existence in ways you never thought possible.

A Spiritual Guide to Planetary Transformation focuses on how each one of us can help to create a better kind of world. If you are someone who has been contemplating a dystopian future filled with religious conflict, global warming, nuclear disasters, overpopulation, governmental or corporate oppression, and the depletion of planetary resources, you need to think again. I am convinced that all 7.5 billion of us humans are about to experience the most incredible evolutionary metamorphosis in our history, and the changes we will experience are going to transform everything about our lives and our societies. This new reality will still be based upon the kind of democratic values which we all cherish, but it will be an unprecedented kind of human culture where systems actually work, positive values such as universal equality and peer-to-peer support are the norm, Divine guidance is freely available to each one of us, and man's inhumanity to man is nothing but a distant memory. This book will show you how you can help such a reality to manifest.

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Here you will also find free public domain ebooks about nature mysticism, philosophy, visionary experiences, aesthetics, tea, herbalism, the art of living, voluntary simplicity, and anything else which I find interesting. Please feel free to read online or download. In the years to come I will be uploading as many public domain books on these subjects as I can find. If you are interested in any of these topics, please keep coming back!

This is my most recent transcription. A complete list of free ebooks available at this site is here.

Temple, Sir William.  Upon the Gardens of Epicurus; Or Gardening in the Year 1685 (1690; reprinted 1908).  htm  •   epub  •   mobi  


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