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Here are some links to help you live the best possible life.
The Art of Living in Antiquity
Aristotle, translated by J.A. Smith.   Ethics (4th Century BCE).
Boethius, translated by H.R. James.   The Consolation of Philosophy (5th century CE).
Epictetus.   The Enchiridion (2nd Century CE).
Epictetus.   The Golden Sayings of Epictetus (1913).
Epicurus.   Principle Doctrines (4th Century BCE).
Horace.   The Works of Horace (1st century BCE).
Kirk, Geoffrey.   The Presocratic Philosophers (1957).
Laudator Temporis Acti
Plato.   Meno (4th Century BCE).
Plato.   Symposium (4th Century BCE).
Plato.   Timaeus (4th Century BCE).
Rogue Classicism
Zimmern, Alfred.   The Greek Commonwealth (1956).

The Art of Living from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
Castiglione, Baldassarre.   The Book of the Courtier (1528).
Montaigne, Michel de.   The Essays of Montaigne (1580)
Peacham, Henry.   The Compleat Gentleman (1622).
Zimmermann, Johann Georg.   Solitude (1756).

New Thought
Allen, James.   All These Things Are Added (1910).
Allen, James.   As a Man Thinketh (1913).
Allen, James.   The Mastery of Destiny (1909).
Allen, James.   The Path of Prosperity (1907).
Allen, James.   The Way of Peace (1907).
Hall, Herbert J.   The Untroubled Mind (1915).
Hillis, Newell Dwight.   Right Living as a Fine Art (1899)
James, George Wharton.   Living the Radiant Life (1916).
Jordan, David Starr.   Life's Enthusiasms (1906).
Kirkham, Stanton Davis.   The Ministry of Beauty (1907).
Lathbury, Clarence.   The Balanced Life (1907).
Lyon, Frank Emory.   The Art of Living (1897).
Newcomb, Katharine Hinchman.   Helps to Right Living (1898).
Stewart, Joseph.   The Esoteric Art of Living (1900).

Oriental Arts of Living
Bjerregaard, C. H. A.   The Inner Life and the Tao-Teh-King (1912).
Hung, Tzu-chʻeng, translated by Chao Tze-Chiang.   A Chinese Garden of Serenity* (1959).
Japanese Aesthetics
Japanese Aesthetics from Wikipedia
Kaibara Ekiken.   The Way of Contentment (1913).
LaFarge, John.   An Artist's Letters from Japan (1897).
Lin Yutang.   The Importance of Living* (1937).
Okakura-Kakuzo.   The Book of Tea (1919).
Sei Shonogon, translated by Ivan Morris.   The Pillow Book* (1967).
Seven Japanese Aesthetic Notions
Ueshiba, Morihei, translated by John Stevens.   The Art of Peace* (2002).
Wabi-Sabi from Wikipedia
What Is Wabi Sabi?

The Art of Cookery
David, Elizabeth.   Summer Cooking* (1965).
Leyel, Hilda and Olga Hartley.   The Gentle Art of Cookery* (1925).
Rogers, Ann.   A Cookbook for Poor Poets and Others* (1966).

Herbal & Gardening Books
Clarkson, Rosetta.   Green Enchantment (1940).
Clarkson, Rosetta.   Magic Gardens (1942).
Culpeper, Nicholas.   Culpeper's Complete Herbal (1880).
Fox, Helen Morgenthau.   Gardening with Herbs for Flavor and Fragrance* (1933).
Grieve, Maud.   A Modern Herbal (1931).
Lee, Vernon.   In Praise of Old Gardens (1912).
Leyel, Hilda.   Compassionate Herbs (1946).
Leyel, Hilda.   Herbal Delights (1938).
McCauley, Lena May.   The Joy of Gardens (1911).
Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair.   A Garden of Herbs (1922).
Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair.   The Scented Garden (1900).
Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair.   The Old English Herbals (1922).
Sounin, Leonie de.   Magic in Herbs (1941).

Caffeine Related Health Problems
Chado Encyclopedia
How to Decaffeinate Tea
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Lissy's House of Tea
Noble Harbor
Tea Classics Tsiosophy

* = not online